Our main goal is to offer clients great quality products at competitive prices, guarantying a high level service.
Our organization is made up by a highly qualified team.
We capably handle all of your clothing and apparel manufacturing needs.

We offer an all-in-one solution and work to achieve great quality balanced with cost efficiency.





A team of highly qualified professionals, dedicated to product development and the investigation of fashion trends and; they are the company’s creativity. 

Our weaving plant with cutting edge technology has a production capacity of 80 tons of fabric per month.

We also count with a state of the art dyeing plant, where our fabrics are dyed and finished.

We rely on highly qualified personnel that work in our internal production plant and 30 external plants; providing us with a total production capacity of 100.000 garments per month. 

Our garments are specifically developed to meet your business model and pricing structure as well as aesthetic and performance requirements.