We are committed to our client’s permanent satisfaction, offering high quality and innovative products that respond to the actual fashion trends. This is one of the reasons why our Design and development team actively participates in many national and international fashion fairs. 


TRENDS, Design, creativiTY

The design department is made up of a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to product development and the investigation of fashion trends.

Our product design team presents proposals based on research, creativity and in-depth market understanding. Every concept is closely tailored to your brand identity and pricing architecture.


Product Development

We have a product development laboratory, where a polyvalent and expert team works daily to transform sketches into garments, creating the samples and patterns that define the collections we offer to our clients, according to their personality and essence.

The Laboratory is responsible for apparel sample making such as prototypes, duplicates, and pilot lots. Our clothing sample makers work closely with our pattern maker to create the garment samples you require. Our experienced pattern maker can develop your first pattern or create a pattern from an existing sample or specification.

We rely on Gerber Technology for pattern making and lining, optimizing our resources and allowing us to be more efficient.

We can generate samples from a simple creative brief or a full technical pack depending on your requirements.

Before starting production, as a quality ensuring measure, the lab makes a set of samples of the chosen references in each size; this procedure lets us guarantee an excellent product that will meet all the quality standards. 

We create a detailed production pack for each garment to ensure the sample will be reproduced faithfully in bulk.